Local Activists are Fired Up, Ready to Go!

Stanislaus Resistance Chair, Lise Talbott; Swing Left Stanislaus Chair, Crystal Sousa; and local activist Kathy Peixoto were chosen as MoveOn Mobilizers. Our first event will be a Community Cookout on Sunday, June 25th. Check out the Event page for more information on this and other activism opportunities.

It has been our distinct pleasure to partner with so many local activist groups. Our friends are inspiring and passionate! We are so very thankful for Our Revolution CD-10, Our Revolution Turlock, Be the Change Turlock, Swing Left Stanislaus, Indivisible Stanislaus, Los Pistoleros, Stan State Democrats, Nuestro Voto...the list just keeps going! 

I am thankful to have this cohort of amazing organizers. They have risen to the challenge and are motivated to make change happen. We have marched together for women, immigrants, health care, taxes and science. We have registered voters. We have knocked on doors. We have exercised our right to peacefully (albeit loudly) protest Denham's ridiculous fundraisers. 

We are just getting started. #stayloud