The Resistance was STRONG during Recess Week!

There were a number of events this week during the Congressional recess. Denham, of course, only showed up for photo ops. He held no public meetings with constituents...only closed door meetings. He sent out snarky form letters to those asking for a Town Hall denouncing our patriotic activism as part of some "Bay Area" agenda. He did not attend the Mobile Office Hours in Denair, so Flat Denham attend in his place.

Many of our events and actions got press attention. Here's a sampling of the stories:

From the Mod Bee on why Denham won't schedule a town hall

A blog post from our very own Guadalupe Villarreal on the Denair MOH this week

Article in the Turlock Journal on the Denair MOH and the vigil in Denham's "neighborhood" that same night


And last, but not least...

Our friends at Indivisible Manteca have started a "We need a Town Hall" petition. Sign it here.