Local Activists are Fired Up, Ready to Go!

Stanislaus Resistance Chair, Lise Talbott; Swing Left Stanislaus Chair, Crystal Sousa; and local activist Kathy Peixoto were chosen as MoveOn Mobilizers. Our first event will be a Community Cookout on Sunday, June 25th. Check out the Event page for more information on this and other activism opportunities.

It has been our distinct pleasure to partner with so many local activist groups. Our friends are inspiring and passionate! We are so very thankful for Our Revolution CD-10, Our Revolution Turlock, Be the Change Turlock, Swing Left Stanislaus, Indivisible Stanislaus, Los Pistoleros, Stan State Democrats, Nuestro Voto...the list just keeps going! 

I am thankful to have this cohort of amazing organizers. They have risen to the challenge and are motivated to make change happen. We have marched together for women, immigrants, health care, taxes and science. We have registered voters. We have knocked on doors. We have exercised our right to peacefully (albeit loudly) protest Denham's ridiculous fundraisers. 

We are just getting started. #stayloud

March DWCS/Stanislaus Resistance Meeting

Democratic Women’s Club of Stanislaus
Celebrating Women’s History Month!

March 11, 2017 - 11 a.m. Denny’s
Guest Speaker

Kimberly Ellis, Candidate for California Democratic Party Chair

Women in History Portrait - Carole Stark
Thank you to our Club Volunteers!

Old Business
#Stand with PP/Planned Parenthood Rally & Petition – Thank you!
Denham Vigil – Turlock – Thank you!
ACA & Medicare-Rally – Thank you!
Denham Mobile Office Hours and Personal Group Visit

New Business
Affordable Care Act – Phone banking and local events!
Stanislaus Resistance -- The Ides of March Postcard Party – Resumes today!
Rapid Response Team – Sign ups!

Action Items
DWCS Blue Crew CD10 Voter Registration Training & Drive – Starts Today! Thx Lucia!
Tax March – April 15
Organizing for CD10 - April 29 TBD
Next Rally…. Updates
Refugee Bedding Collection

2017 California Democratic State Convention
Date: Friday, May 19 – Sunday, May 21, 2017 Sacramento, CA
To register, book a room, or find the most current agenda, please go to www.cademconvention.org

Committee and Liaison Announcements - Membership
Committees & Projects - Stanislaus Resistance – DefeatDenham.com
Announcements: Vacancies and Appointments - Are you interested in a leadership role with DWCS?
Speakers & Events - Suggestions
Next Meeting: April 8, 2017

The Resistance is Growing! Resistance Film Series Launches

Denham's reaction to our activism shows that he's feeling the pressure. He's trying to pivot by calling us "Bay Area activists." Denham and his team haven't felt the heat like this before, and we have to continue to hold them accountable. 

It's exciting to work more closely with other local activist groups. Stay tuned for more information about some great partnerships and events. 



Two films will be shown at Stan State in the coming months as part of the Resistance Film Series: "She's Beautiful When She's Angry," and "Miss Major." Check out the Events calendar for more information.


The Resistance was STRONG during Recess Week!

There were a number of events this week during the Congressional recess. Denham, of course, only showed up for photo ops. He held no public meetings with constituents...only closed door meetings. He sent out snarky form letters to those asking for a Town Hall denouncing our patriotic activism as part of some "Bay Area" agenda. He did not attend the Mobile Office Hours in Denair, so Flat Denham attend in his place.

Many of our events and actions got press attention. Here's a sampling of the stories:

From the Mod Bee on why Denham won't schedule a town hall

A blog post from our very own Guadalupe Villarreal on the Denair MOH this week

Article in the Turlock Journal on the Denair MOH and the vigil in Denham's "neighborhood" that same night


And last, but not least...

Our friends at Indivisible Manteca have started a "We need a Town Hall" petition. Sign it here.

Summary of February 11th Meeting and Rally for Planned Parenthood

Quick summary of yesterday's meeting and rally:

  • Thanks to May Rico from Haven Women's Center for co-sponsoring the Planned Parenthood rally, and for sharing your passion for advocacy with the group. We are grateful for you!
  • Pedro Elias from Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte fired up the crowd (and made me blush). I have known Pedro for more than a decade, and it was nice to see him in our part of the Valley. He's such a strong supporter for health care access and women's rights.
  • Tim Robertson invited us to participate in a Town Hall in support of the ACA happenign this coming Wednesday. The link is here: http://fight4ourhealth.org/events/02152017-modesto/ 
  • It was also great to have Michael Eggman participate in the meeting and rally.
  • Blankets and bedding were collected for World Relief, a Modesto organization that assists in the transition to the Central Valley for refugees. They could always use additional donations or volunteers. Their phone number is (209) 491-2712 Ext 106.

Next steps: 

  1. Come to the Town Hall on Wednesday. Information listed above.
  2. Go to Denham's mobile office hours. You can find the dates here. We'll be posting coordinated efforts to link people to these dates ASAP. https://denham.house.gov/serv…/mobile-district-office-hours/
  3. Join us at Denham's Modesto office on 2/21 for another rally in support of Planned Parenthood. Details to come ASAP.
  4. An "Ides of Trump" postcard party will be happening in the first part of March. Stay tuned for details.
  5. The next Stanislaus Resistance conference call will be scheduled and posted in the next few days.
  6. The next Democratic Women's Club meeting will be Saturday, March 11th at Denny's from 11-1.

Other things coming soon:

  • A website for Stanislaus Resistance to include a calendar of events, speaking points/scripts for hot topics, and more! 
  • Info on the upcoming March for Science and the Release Your Tax Return march.